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Coopersurgical Plume-Away Smoke Evacuation System (Different Sizes) coopersurgical, plume-away, smoke, evacuation, system
Price: US$295.00
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    Coopersurgical Plume-Away Smoke Evacuation System (Different Sizes)Sizes:Coopersurgical 0620-030-604 - Plume-Away 4.0Coopersurgical 0620-030-606 - Ultra Plume-Away 6.0Coopersurgical 0620-030-608 - Xcl Plume-Away 8.0 The Plume-Away multistage filter is a passive, disposable system able to clear particulates, smoke, and aerosolized pathogens while simultaneously absorbing odors and chemical toxins. The Plume-Away system functions without a vacuum pump, ensuring greater visibility to the surgical...

    CooperSurgical SeeClear XCL  SC082500  Laparoscopic Smoke Evacuation System. Box of 10
    Price: US$185.00
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    CooperSurgical Item #: COOP___SC082500 -

       CooperSurgical SeeClear XCL SC082500 Laparoscopic Smoke Evacuation System - 8.0 Liter - (Bx/10)SeeClear is a multi-stage, disposable, passive filter system that traps smoke, particulates, and aerosol pathogens, while absorbing odors and chemical toxins. A vacuum pump is not required, so SeeClear works silently, removing the surgical plume and affecting a clear view of the surgical field. Everything is included, allowing easy connection to the side port of the trocar without any...