CooperSurgical SeeClear XCL SC082500 Laparoscopic Smoke Evacuation System. Box of 10

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     CooperSurgical SeeClear XCL SC082500 Laparoscopic Smoke Evacuation System - 8.0 Liter - (Bx/10)

    SeeClear is a multi-stage, disposable, passive filter system that traps smoke, particulates, and aerosol pathogens, while absorbing odors and chemical toxins. A vacuum pump is not required, so SeeClear works silently, removing the surgical plume and affecting a clear view of the surgical field. Everything is included, allowing easy connection to the side port of the trocar without any additional tubes. The elevated intraperitoneal pressure expels the smoke along with the CO2. Flow rates are preset to modify smoke modification without losing pneumoperitoneum.

    Features and Benefits

    Protect your staff from toxins found in surgical smoke.
    Remove 99.999% of .01 micron particles (aerosolized)
    The activated carbon membrane absorbs odors and chemical toxins.
    Optimal flow maintains pneumoperitoneum
    Maintains a clear field of vision.
    Easy setup requires minimal staff involvement.
    No fixing to the wall suction, discreet functionality.