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CooperSurgical Carter - Thomason CloseSure System
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CooperSurgical Item #: CooperSurgical CT Closure -

    CooperSurgical Carter - Thomason CloseSure SystemAvailableCTI-1015N Includes: • Carter-Thomason CloseSure suture passer• Pilot Guides: (1) 10/12 mm, (1) 15 mm• Sterile/Single-use• Qty: 5 systems per boxAnd:CTXL Carter-Thomason CloseSure System XL Includes:• Carter-Thomason CloseSure suture passer XL• Pilot Guides: (1) 10/12 mm XL, (1) 15 mm XL• Sterile/Single-use• Qty: 3 systems per boxComparative Clinical Study of Port-Closure Techniques Proves Carter-Thomason’s Superiority In a prospective,...

    CooperSurgical CTI-1015N CloseSure System Technique. Box of 5
    Retail: US$699.00
    Price: US$399.99
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    CooperSurgical Item #: CooperSurgical CTI-1015N CloseSure System -

      CooperSurgical CTI-1015N CloseSure System TechniqueThe Carter-Thomason CloseSure System comes sterile with one 5 mm and one 10/12 mm Pilot Guide and a Carter-Thomason CloseSure suture passer. There are 5 systems per box. Our new 15 mm standard size Pilot Guide will provide physicians opportunities for port site closure with both gynecologic and general surgery procedures that require the use of a morcellators and large specimen retrieval bags.Comparative Clinical Study of Port-Closure...

      CooperSurgical CTXL Carter-Thomason CloseSure System (Box/3) CooperSurgical CT CloseSure
      Price: US$585.90
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      CooperSurgical Item #: Carter-Thomason CloseSure System XL -

        CooperSurgical CTXL Carter-Thomason CloseSure SystemThe XL System helps surgeons to quickly penetrate subcutaneous tissue, fascia and peritoneum with ease, preventing port-site herniation for this high-risk group. It also provides two more suture holes on the 15 mm for more consistent results on bariatric patients with thicker abdominal walls. With the Carter-Thomason CloseSure System XL, closing any trocar site is a simple, fast and safe procedure.Ensures complete fascial closurePatented...