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SE-2012 Holter Analysis System
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    Edan SE-2012 Holter Analysis System (includes a SE-2012 12 Channel Recorder)Standard Configuration and Functions including:Fluent Workflow DesignSampling BoxUltra-lightweight DesignIP27 Water-proof & Dust-proof LevelLong time Sampling up to 8 daysReal-time Waveform DisplayHolter Analysis SoftwareFast Date TransmissionAdvanced Analysis Functions includedHolter Recorder Kit [83.61.360484], [83.61.360485] includes: 1 x 12-Channel Holter Recorder1 x 1GB SD Card1 x 10-Electrode ECG cable (IEC/AHA)1...

    SE-1200 ECG Resting Machine
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    EDAN SE-1200 ECG Resting Machine Excellent cost performance with built-in high-resolution thermal printer. You can record 12 ECG traces on A4 size and US Letter-size paper. Features: 5.7 inch screen for optimal viewing Alphanumeric keyboard and one touch operation Sleep mode to save energy and extend LCD life Automatic measurement and interpretation tested with authoritative CSE database Real-time waveform freezing 120 seconds ECG waveform reviewable Two-step exercise test with periodic...

    EDAN SE-1200 Express edan, se-1200, express, se1200 express ecg, se1200 ecg express, EDAN SE-1200, SE-1200,  EDAN_ECG,
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    The EDAN SE-1200 Express ECG provides excellent analysis while being cost-effective for private practices and hospitals. Physicians agree this ECG is easy to use with both a user-friendly design and exceptional clinical accuracy.Important Details:The features of the SE-1200 Express include a complete alphanumeric keyboard, an 8.4″ LCD touch screen for optimal viewing along with a sleep mode to save energy and extend battery life. In order to streamline workflow, this machine is equipped with a...

    SE-1515 Stress Test System

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      Edan SE-1515 Stress Test System This system includes the TXM428 treadmill, Windows 7 professional Operating System, a 20” LCD Monitor and a Laser Jet Printer. 2 years warranty on parts and labor against manufacturing defects, 90 days warranty on cables and peripherals.Trade-In offer are available for the Burdick Quest Stress Test System.This is a Non Stock Product. ...

      iM3 Vitals Signs Monitor
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        EDAN iM3 Vital Signs Monitor Smarter, Larger, yet Slimmer  Combining a stunning ultra-slim design, a large capacitive touch screen, together with a rich set of leading functions, iM3 takes the lead and presents itself as the beginning of a new generation of vital signs monitors. Bringing in full options of SpO2, NIBP and Quick Temp/Infrared Ear Temp and differentiated work modes, iM3 serves for both long time monitoring and spot check applications.  Designed to make daily use...

        Vital Signs Monitors
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        Item #: M3A & M3B -

          EDAN M3A & M3B Vital Signs Monitors (Different Versions) M3A provides essential measurements for SpO2, NIBP, pulse rate, and patient temperature. It offers a high cost-performance ratio to provide care teams across the hospital with most of the information they need on the patient side. Portable and lightweightLED numeric display with a high resolution color 3.5" TFT screen Flexible configurations to meet different clinical needsAuto/Manual/Continuous/Average BP modePitch...

          oximetry, oximeter, H100B Handheld Pulse Oximeter,
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            EDAN H100B Handheld Pulse Oximeter with Adult Sensor, Battery & Carrying Case LCD ScreenRTC displaySpO2 and Pulse Rate MeasurementDisplay Numeric and Waveform of SpO2 SimultaneouslyConvenient AA Size for up to 48 Hours WorkingUp to 100 IDs and 300 hours data storage capability for continuous monitoringData can be transferred to PC for storage, review and printingThe latest 10 minutes trend graph and table of SpO2 and Pulse Rate can be reviewed in the screenPitch tone Unit Includes:...

            SD1 Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler
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              EDAN SD1 Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler with Bluetooth & 3MHz Probe The newest innovation, the all-in-one compact handheld Doppler, SD1, is a remarkable member of Edan’s ultrasound Doppler family. Using conventional technology, SD1 breaks through the limitation of the probe angles as well as the depth of the fetal heart. The user can locate the fetal heart rate signal quicker and easier. The extremely low radiation level gives you a safer and more comfortable way during application. In...

              h100b, SpO2 Finger Sensors
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                For use with Edan H100B Pulse Oximeter, iM Series and M Series SH1.DB9 Edan Adult Hard-Shell SpO2 Finger Sensor (DB9), 1 m, reusable  SH3.DB9 Edan Wrap SpO2 Sensor (DB9), 1m, reusableSH4.DB9 Edan Adult "Hood" Soft-tip SpO2 Finger Sensor (DB9), 1m, reusable SH5.DB9 Edan Pediatric "Hood" Soft-tip SpO2 Finger Sensor (DB9), 1m, reusable Non-stock product, delivery time will be 10 - 25 business days after order received. ...

                PADECG PC Mobile ECG Solution
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                  EDAN PADECG PC Mobile ECG Solution PADECG consists of a professional ECG software and wireless ECG acquisition module. It provides a mobile solution to meet the demands of caregivers in a mobile treatment environment. EDAN’s reliable SEMIP algorithm is also provided in it, which allows you to have a fast and confident ECG assessment before sending the ECG report to SE-1515 Data Management System for further analysis. Operating PADECG is just simple as using your smart phone. Features:...

                  SE-1515 DP-12 PC Based ECG Unit
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                  Item #: ED___SE-1515.DP12 -

                    EDAN SE-1515 DP-12 PC Based ECG Unit Powerful software with comprehensive functions9/12/15/16/18-lead ECG configurableDE15/DE18 sampling box with convenient sampling button and signal quality indicatorMulti-user Permission ConfigurationEnhanced powerful technical specifications provides reliable signal qualityLead reversal function to easily rectify wrong placement of electrodesAuto arrhythmia detection highlights the arrhythmia part on ECG traces automaticallyEvent marker enables you to take...

                    SE-1515 for PC
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                    Item #: Edan SE-1515 -

                      Edan SE-1515 for PC use EDAN has launched its new generation SE-1515 ECG PC. The new product aims to provide a more professional solution in resting ECG and ECG stress testing. Beyond the common 12-lead ECG, it also supports the 15/16-lead resting test, which has proven to be a very useful tool in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction. The function of stress testing has also been greatly improved compared to the previous generation. Important parameters such as double product, FAI%, and the...