iM3 Vitals Signs Monitor
  • iM3 Vitals Signs Monitor
  • iM3 Vitals Signs Monitor
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EDAN iM3 Vitals Signs Monitor

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    EDAN iM3 Vital Signs Monitor

    Smarter, Larger, yet Slimmer 

    Combining a stunning ultra-slim design, a large capacitive touch screen, together with a rich set of leading functions, iM3 takes the lead and presents itself as the beginning of a new generation of vital signs monitors. Bringing in full options of SpO2, NIBP and Quick Temp/Infrared Ear Temp and differentiated work modes, iM3 serves for both long time monitoring and spot check applications. 

    Designed to make daily use more efficient, it has an 8-inch, high-resolution, ultra-thin touch screen for optimal viewing. With a lightweight and portable design, built-in barcode scanner, Wi-Fi capabilities, cable receiving design, and large internal memory the iM3 is Edan’s most advanced vital signs monitor yet.

    The iM3 vital signs monitor allows for spot checks, continuous monitoring, and introduces the new round mode. Users can enter new or previous patients into one group, take measurements of a single patient, save the data to an overall summary report for the ward, and then move onto the next bed. Patients can be color coded depending on their status or scored using the MEWS, EWS, and NEWS systems.

    For spot checks and round mode the unit can record and display real-time vitals with storage for 16 million measurements. The monitoring mode includes an accurate alarm system, up to 1200 NIBP measurements per patient, and 120 hours of trend review. Data can be transferred to the CMS software via WiFi or USB, or downloaded to an EMR system directly.

    Features and Benefits
    • 8 inch Color TFT Screen, full touch screen
    • Support hard key and knob operation
    • Strip-light design on top for 360° visual alarms
    • Unique cable-receiving design
    • Monitoring / Spot / Round work modes
    • MEWS/EWS/NEWS score system
    • Built-in non-volatile memory and external USB storage
    • Wired or wireless connection with optional built-in Wi-Fi

    • iM3_NS Configuration with NIBP & SpO2
    • iM3_NSTQ Configuration with NIBP & SpO2 + Oral Filac Quick Temp

    Standard Accessories:

    • (1) SPO2 Finger Sensor, Adult, 1m, reusable
    • (1) Potential Equalization Conductor
    • (1) CUFF.E9 NIBP Cuff, Adult, 27cm-35cm,reusable, with EDAN Logo.
    • (1) NIBP Tube
    • (1) SpO2 7-pin Extension Cable, 2m
    • (1) Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    • (1) Power Cord (USA)
    • (1) User Manual

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