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ADC 433 Non-Contact Thermometer ADC, 433, Non-Contact Thermometer,  Thermometer, 634782098407
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    ADC 433 Non-Contact Thermometer ADC’s newest non-contact thermometer, the Adtemp 433, features a trigger-style design and fast measurements. It's perfect for rapid screening in medical environments, offices, restaurants, and more. 2-year warranty with manufacturer ADCAccurate readings in less than two secondsTrigger-style design for rapid screenings at the foreheadNo skin contact required, minimizes the risk of cross contaminationColor-coded LCD display with fever warningAudible beep when...

    oximeter, oximetry,
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      ADC 2200 Advantage Fingertip Pulse Oximeter A portable fingertip pulse oximeter ideal for home, sport, or aviation use. Advantage 2200 is designed to measure blood oxygen saturation (% SpO2) - the amount of oxygen in the blood - and pulse rate. It is designed to be used on the fingers (not the thumb) with a thickness of 8mm to 20mm. This is the distance between the fingernail (top) and the finger pad (bottom). The index finger is the most recommended. This device is designed for sporting and...

      ADC Catalog ADC Catalog

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        ADC Catalog American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC) is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of diagnostic medical products, personal instruments, and accessories for the healthcare industry. For 35 years, we’ve been dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and supplying stethoscopes, blood pressure instruments, and other core diagnostic products that provide an unmatched value proposition with a purchase experience that is second to none. In this catalog you will find a variety of products in...

        ADC 752M-11ABK Diagnostix Mobile Aneroid Sphyg adc, 752m, 752M-11abk, diagnostix aneroid, mobile aneroid 752m, blood pressure, blood pressure monitor
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          ADC 752M-11ABK Diagnostix Mobile Sphyg. One (1) each.A large clock face aneroid with mobile platform that provides superb precision and unmatched dependability synonymous with the ADC brand. The 752M Mobile Aneroid features: Large, easy-to-read 6” luminescent dial for high visibility in virtually any light condition 300mmHg no-pin stop movement withstands the heaviest use Adcuff inflation system includes the Adcuff nylon cuff, Adflow bulb and valve, and eight foot length (when extended)...

          ADC Adtemp 429 Non-Contact Thermometer adc, infrared, themometer, adult, pediatric,
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            The Adtemp 429 Non-Contact Thermometer features an infrared sensor that reads temperature from the middle of the forehead with no skin contact required for a safe and comfortable experience that minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. The Adtemp 429 Infrared Thermometer features: Infrared sensor simplifies temperature measurement—ideal for screeningMeasures in about 1 second without patient contact eliminating the concern of cross contamination or costly probe coversMeasurement feedback...

            ADC 601BK AdScope Convertible Cardiology Stethoscope, Black convertible stethoscope, adc 601BK, adscope, cardiology
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              ADC 601BK AdScope Convertible Cardiology Stethoscope, Black. One (1) each. Combining AFD technology with a convertible design makes this the most versatile of our Cardiology scopes. The Adscope 601 series features: Convertible chestpiece provides adult diaphragm/bell or adult/pediatric diaphragm configurations ADC’s AFD Technology provides enhanced acoustic response in both adult and pediatric diaphragm Light pressure for low bell-type frequency, firm pressure for diaphragm type high frequency...

              ADC 760-12XBK Prosphyg Pocket Aneroid Sphyg, Black adc, prosphyg, adc 760, adc 760-12xbk blood pressure, sphyg
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                ADC 760-12XBK Prosphyg Pocket Sphyg Our most popular aneroid, the 760 is the model of choice for demanding institutions. The 760 series features: Contemporary black enamel 300mmHg manometer provides day-in, day-out dependability exceeds industry standards Adcuff nylon cuff with ADC’s proprietary Size Guide marking system, prevents mis-cuffing Chrome-plated brass air release valve Leatherette carrying case with durable nylon zipper Assembled, inspected, and packaged in the U.S.A. from foreign...


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                  ADC 5680-347W Diagnostix Adstation, With or Without Wallboard   Our modular Adstation system allows you to start with a single EENT tool, then add up to three additional instruments, a clock aneroid sphygmomanometer or NIBP monitor, and a non-contact thermometer.   Features:   • 3.5V Diagnostix Coax Plus Ophthalmoscope or Coax Ophthalmoscope• 3.5V Diagnostix PMV Otoscope or Standard Otoscope• 3.5V Throat Illumination and 3.5V Dermascope heads available• Add a clock...

                  ADC 7002 e-sphyg Digital Pocket Aneroid Sphyg ADC 7002 e-sphyg Digital Pocket Aneroid Sphyg
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                    ADC 7002 e-sphyG Digital Pocket Aneroid Sphyg The first digital aneroid, the e-sphyg replaces your mechanical gauge and its fragile, vulnerable design with a virtually indestructible, digital instrument that can stand up to the toughest use.The e-sphyg features: Virtually indestructible design can withstand repeated drops of 5 feet or moreSplash resistant housing for use in harsh environmentsExtra large LCD digits are easy to readBacklit display for easy reading even in low light...

                    ADC 5410/5480

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                      ADC Diagnostix 5410/5480 3.5V Portable Diagnostic Sets3.5V Diagnostic EENT instruments are among the most critical toolsets in a clinician's repertoire when performing a comprehensive physical exam. ADC Diagnostix-brand EENT instrument sets help practitioners perform fast, accurate, and efficient exams thanks to innovative optics, advanced lighting technologies, and long-lasting power sources.Diagnostix Portable Sets feature: Choose a 3.5V Diagnostix Coax Plus Ophthalmoscope or Coax...

                      ADC 9003K-MCC e-sphyg 3 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Mobile Stand, Cuffs and Cuff Basket ADC 9003K-MCC e-sphyg 3 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, 9003M, PHYSICAL THERAPY EQUIPMENT,
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                        ADC 9003K-MCC e-sphyg 3 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Mobile Stand, Cuffs and Cuff Basket ADC’s all-new e-sphyg 3 captures blood pressure measurements with the touch of a button. Designed for busy professionals who value both accuracy and affordability, the e-sphyg 3 is the feature-packed, clinical-grade NIBP solution you’ve been waiting for. Features and Benefits Auto mode for quick readings in as little as 30 secondsCustomizable three-reading average mode with individual measurement...

                        ADC 603BK AdScope Clinician Stethoscope clinician stethoscope, adc 603BK, adscope, clinician
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                          ADC 603BK AdScope Clinician Stethoscope. One (1) each.One of our most popular acoustic scopes, the 603 combines outstanding acoustic performance with rugged durability, now with AFD technology! The Adscope 603 series features: Combination diaphragm/bell adult chestpiece precisely machined to exacting tolerances from surgical stainless steel for outstanding performance and rugged durability ADC’s AFD Technology provides enhanced acoustic response in adult diaphragm Light pressure for low...