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Frigitronics Cryo-Plus Systems (Different Versions) frigitronics, 2400, 2401, 2402, Cryo-plus systems, cryosurgery
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CooperSurgical Item #: Cryo-Plus Systems -

    The Frigitronics Cryo-Plus System has everything you need to perform cryosurgery procedures. The internal thermocouple provides precise tip temperature monitoring for every freeze to assure adequate freeze performance with each treatment. The Cryo-Plus System is designed for safety and portability. All probes and shaft assemblies are completely autoclavable for added convenience and patient safety. Ease of operationDesigned for reliability and versatility within your practice environment,...

    Frigitronics CE-2000 Cryosurgical System CE-2000, Frigitronics, Cryosurgical system,
    Price: US$4,542.31
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    CooperSurgical Item #: CE-2000 -

      The Frigitronics CE-2000 is a completely non electric, low-pressure, fully exhausted cryosurgical system that uses nitrous oxide gas. The system destroys tissue by applying extreme, controlled temperature down to a maximum of -89º C.The CE-2000 consists of a control console with foot pedal, optional mobile equipment carrier (not sold in Europe), nitrous oxide cylinders and cryosurgical probes. Depress the foot pedal to rapidly freeze and release to defrost. The backlight display activates...