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CooperSurgical Nichols-Vaginal Retractor (Different Sizes) coopersurgical, nichols, vaginal, retractor
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CooperSurgical Item #: CooperSurgical Nichols-Vaginal Retractor -

    CooperSurgical Nichols-Vaginal Retractor (Different Sizes)Sizes:CooperSurgical 433-460 Nichols-Vaginal Retractor, 2.5 cm Blade WidthCooperSurgical 433-461 Nichols Vaginal Retractor, 4cm Blade WidthCooperSurgical 433-462 Nichols Vaginal Retractor, 5cm Blade WidthCooperSurgical 433-463 Nichols Vaginal Retractor, Short Blade, 2.5 cm Blade WidthCooperSurgical 433-464 Nichols Vaginal Retractor, Tapered BladeSpecifically designed to retract redundant tissue and improve surgical exposure. This is a...