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    A&E Medical Aortic Surgical Punch (Different Measures) (Box of 6)


    • A&E 080-271 2.7mm Surgical Punch
    • A&E 080-351 3.5mm Surgical Punch
    • A&E 080-401 4.0mm Surgical Punch
    • A&E 080-451 4.5mm Surgical Punch
    • A&E 080-481 4.8mm Surgical Punch
    • A&E 080-501 5.0mm Surgical Punch

    Surgical Punch Designed to Cut a Clean and Round Hole Hollow cutting tip with 10 degree undercut moves tissue away from inside edge of hole during cut to provide a clean and round hole. Dual cutting action of the surgical punch combined with a full 90 degree rotation of a scalpel sharp edge creates a clean circular hole. Syringe style grip on the surgical punch provides comfort during use and excellent visibility of the operative site. Low profile cutting tip for easier entry. We have available more sizes of Surgical Punches.

    A&E Medical Aortical Surgical Punch

    We only have in stock measures: 080-351, 080-401

    Other measures are non-stock product, delivery time will be 7 - 15 business days after order received.