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Veinlite EMS Pro Vein Finder veinlite ems pro, led light vein ems, ems pro vein light
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    Veinlite EMS Pro Vein FinderThe newest Veinlite EMS PRO is the most practical vein finder for general vein access in adults and children. This new device is modeled after the Veinlite EMS, but includes a built-in white exam light mode that can be used in initial patient assessment. Powered by two AA batteries and with 24 colored LEDs operated by a single switch, the robust but easy-to-use EMS PRO model is ideal for mobile medical responders and is priced to equip the whole team. 1 Year...

    Veinlite LED+ Rechargeable Vein Finder dark skin, easy needle insertion, vein rolling, vein access
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      Veinlite LED+ Rechargeable Vein FinderVeinlite IV access accuracy (85%)Standard of care Accuracy (74%) Fewer IV access failures Fewer needle sticks Less pain in for the patient Fewer wasted supplies The newest adult model with optimum viewing area and highest contrast for vein imaging. The wide C-shaped design stretches the skin for easy needle insertion and stops vein from rolling during access. The rechargeable Veinlite LED+ features 28 bright light emitting diodes (LEDs). The 22 bright...

      Veinlite LEDX Rechargeable Vein Finder  veinlite ledx, ledx rechargeable model, vein finder ledx, ledx wide
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        Veinlite LEDX Rechargeable Vein Finder TransLite's newest and brightest portable Veinlite features more orange LEDs that are easier on the eye, giving the best possible contrast for imaging veins in overweight patients and for viewing varicose and spider veins. Veinlite LEDX's deeper focus and dark red LEDs facilitate better visualization of deeper and feeder veins. The larger area of illumination speeds up vein location and sclerotherapy treatments. 1 Year WarrantyFeatures: Increased area of...

        Veinlite NEO Neonatal  Veinlite NEO Neonatal , Veinlite, NEO, VNEO, Neonatal veinfinder. veinfinder
        Price: US$349.00
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        Veinlite Item #: VNEO -

          Veinlite NEO® Veinlite NEO is a revolutionary new transillumination device designed to detect both veins and arteries in neonates. Veinlite NEO’s new form factor makes it easy, convenient and readily available for assisting with venous and arterial access in neonatal pediatric patients. This device features 3 different colored lights: green for arteries, orange for vein imaging, and a white exam light. Ideal for the NICU or newborn nursery, Veinlite NEO® is specifically designed for neonates...

          Veinlite PEDI2 Pediatric and Neonatal Vein Finder veinlite pedi, pedi neonatal, vein finder neonatal, neonatal vein finder, pedi, PEDI2
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          Veinlite Item #: VL___VPED -

            Veinlite PEDI2 Pediatric and Neonatal Vein Finder The new PEDI2 is the perfect solution to remove multiple sticks in children during venipuncture procedures. It is the world's best venous access device for use in pediatric medicine, replacing Veinlite's PEDI model. It is compact and versatile, perfect for children of all ages, from babies to teens. PEDI2 outperforms the original PEDI in every way, adding new features like 3-way brightness control, 29% larger aperture, and longer battery...