ZOLL X Series Advanced Monitor Defibrillator


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    ZOLL X Series Monitor Defibrillator

    With less than 12 pounds (6 kilograms), the X Series Advanced is about half the size and half the weight of competitive full-featured monitor/defibrillators- but a lot more powerful. It's compact without any compromise in display size, capability, or performance. Designed specifically for EMS, the X Series Advanced with new features available only from ZOLL Real BVM Help® and TBI Dashboard™ offers everything you could ever want in an EMS device. And because it’s based on a platform developed for the military and air medical operations, the X Series  Advanced rises to a new standard in ruggedness and durability.

    The X Series combines the clinically superior therapeutic capabilities of ZOLL defibrillation, pacing, and CPR quality improvement with the advanced monitoring parameters you need. Plus, it’s the first monitor/defibrillator with integrated WiFi.

    You get unrivaled CPR support with numerical displays of compression depth and rate and a release indicator that shows you when to release for full recoil. And the X Series also has the ability to simultaneously display multiple waveforms, including four physiological waveforms or all 12 ECG leads on-screen. These are just a few of the unparalleled features you’ll find in this unique new monitor/defibrillator.

    Beyond the obvious benefits of size, weight, and durability, the X Series is the optimal device for EMS. Additional features include:

    • Unequaled CPR support. CPR Dashboard displays CPR quality in real time and See-Thru CPR can help you minimize the length of pauses.
    • Advanced communication. Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB capabilities for data uploads and cell modem communication.
    • Welch Allyn NIBP with Sure BP and SmartCuf, the gold standard for noninvasive blood pressure measurement.
    • Split-screen capability. Simultaneously view a dynamic multi-lead ECG while reviewing a static 12-lead ECG report.
    • Multiple-trace capability. Display up to four waveforms of your choice or all 12 ECG leads simultaneously.
    • Masimo rainbow SET pulse CO-Oximetry. Accurate measurements of Sp02, SpCO, and SpMet are assured.
    • SurePower II high-capacity lithium-ion battery. Six hours of continuous run time.


    Price depends on the configuration

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