ICU Medical Pneupac PAC Plus Transport Ventilator


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    ICU Medical Pneupac PAC Plus Transport Ventilator

    The paraPAC plus gives you the versatility to deliver mechanical ventilation, demand and free flow oxygen therapy and CPAP all from one compact, lightweight unit. It enables greater control of breathing parameters. The dual controls allow easy selection of tidal volume and frequency to match your patient's ventilatory requirements. The paraPAC plus is designed for use by respiratory therapists, paramedics, trained emergency personnel and military in a wide range of environments. This includes the use in hospitals and in more demanding locations such as ambulances, aircraft, outdoors and in MRI scanners.

    Product Features

    • Suitable for use in MRI scanner to 3 Tesla and up to 7.5 Tesla/m spatial gradient
    • Built in oxygen therapy facility
    • CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
    • Available only for Model P310
    • DEMAND or SMMV function
    • Allowing the patient to breathe with the ventilator
    • Manual breath with Pneupac patented volume limiter
    • Luminescent manometer
    • Display of inspiratory and expiratory pressure
    • Hyperinflation accessory for neonatal ventilation
    • Integrated PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure) function
    • Ingress Protection class: IP54
    • Tested and approved for use in rotary and fixed wing aircraft

    Product Benefits

    • Portable and Lightweight
    • 30% lighter than previous models
    • Robust
    • Drop and vibration tested
    • Fits to exisiting Pneupac brackets
    • Simple to use
    • Versatile

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