Powerheart G3 Elite AED

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    Powerheart G3 Elite AED (Different Versions)
    Introducing the new Powerheart G3 Elite, the latest AED in the G3 series from Cardiac Science. The Powerheart G3 Elite uses proven Rescue Ready technology to conduct daily self-tests that ensure the electrodes and battery are both present & functional, so the G3 Elite will be ready to rescue 365 days of the year. In addition, the new Powerheart G3 Elite features modern circuitry for added reliability & sustainability, as well as strong resistance against dust and water. 

    The new Powerheart G3 Elite helps make responding to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) emergency easy and intuitive for rescuers of all skill levels. RescueCoach guides users through the entire rescue with step-by-step voice and text prompts, and the G3 Elite provides industry-leading features such as fully automatic shock delivery* and pre-connected defibrillation pads to provide rescuers with the confidence they need. When it comes to  legendary Powerheart performance, modern circuitry, improved durability and great value, your choice should be a G3 Elite


    • RescueCoach voice & text prompts
    • CPR metronome
    • Bright backlit text display
    • Non-polarised defibrillation pads for quick placement on either side of the patient’s chest
    • Customised patient therapy
    • Escalating energy


    (1) Intellisense G3 Battery

    (1 Set) G3 Adult Defibrillation Pads

    (1) Data Communication Cable

    (1) Printed G3 Elite Operator & Service Guide

    (1) Quick Reference Guide & Multilingual Electrode Instructions 


    • 9790A-1001: G3 Elite Fully Automatic, American English language
    • 9790E-1011: G3 Elite Semi Automatic, American English language

    The G3 Elite AED supports only one language.

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