Nonin 7500 Table Top Portable Pulse Oximeter (Different Versions)

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    Nonin 7500 Table Top Portable Pulse Oximeter

    Nonin Medical's Model 7500 pulse oximeter has a unique low-profile design that enables it to fit easily on a tabletop or into its own carrying case. The stylish, compact 7500's simple functionality, minimum 16-hour battery life, 4-hour quick recharge, and minimum or 70 hours of memory makes it well-suited for a variety of clinical and homecare applications. Like all Nonin portable oximeters, the 7500 provides a wide variety of display indicators that provide reliable readings.

    Product Highlights:

    • Proven PureSAT pulse oximetry technology
    • Convenient Lightweight & compact
    • Easy to Use Bright LED displays and large display screen offer clear readability
    • Durable Rugged design
    • Powerful Over 70 hours of memory available for extended monitoring
    • Versatile Monitors neonate to adult patients in acute care to homecare environments
    • Flexible Use as a stand alone device or interface with other equipment

    The 7500 provides a variety of display indicators that ensure reliable readings.

    • Pulse Strength Bar Graph Color coded bar graph assists in assessing the patient's status. An audible tone sounds with each pulse. The pitch changes with the patient's saturation level.
    • Pulse Quality Indicator Detects patient movement or signal quality changes that may require sensor site stabilization.
    • Sensor Fault Indicator Indicates when a sensor has become disconnected, misaligned, failed, or is incompatible with the monitor.

    A quick and complete assessment of your patient's oximetry readings is made easier with the combination of information supplied by the Pulse Strength Bar Graph, variable pitch pulse/saturation tones and Pulse Quality Indicator.

    Flexible & Versatile Alarm Settings:

    • Patient Security Mode Locks alarm limits, volume and time/date settings, prevents unintentional changes and provides automatic recall of locked limits.
    • Recall Function Reinstatement of user's last customized alarm settings.
    • User-Defined Defaults Allows user to adjust the alarm limit and volume default settings to their specific requirements.
    • Sensors Use with Nonin's complete line of comfortable and reliable PureLight sensors
    • Patient Cables Optional use of right angle connector or sensor extension cables
    • Rolling Stand The standard or deluxe 5-point stand increases portability
    • Carrying Case Convenient for transport and storage
    • Pole Mount System Provides secure monitor placement
    • Data Management Software 7500 or 7500FO are compatible with nVISION data software
    • Output Options nVISION Data Management Software for oximetry screening

      Standard Accessories Include: 

      • One (1) Sensor (Depends Version Selected)
      • One (1) Power Supply
      • One (1) Power Cord/Plug Kit
      • One (1) 7500B Battery Pack (located inside back cover)
      • One (1) 7500 Operator's Manual on CD‐ROM


      • 7500 Unit + 8000AA-3 Adult Finger Clip SpO2 Sensor 3 meters (Order SKU: 7500-0101)
      • 7500 Unit + 8000AA Adult Finger Clip SpO2 Sensor 1 meter (Order SKU: 7500-0201)
      • 7500 Unit + 8000AP Pediatric Finger Clip Sensor 3 meters (Order SKU: 7500-0401)
      • 7500 Unit + 8000AP Pediatric Finger Clip SpO2 Sensor 1 meter (Order SKU: 7500-0501)
      • 7500 Unit + 8001J Neonate Flex Reusable Clip SpO2 Sensor 1 meter + (25) 8001JFW Flexi Wraps (Order SKU: 7500-1001)
      • 7500 Unit + 8008J Infant Flex Reusable SpO2 Sensor 1 meter + (25) 8008JFW Flexi Wraps (Order SKU: 7500-1101)
      • 7500 Unit + 8000SM-3 Medium Soft Reusable Sensor, 3 meters (Order SKU: 7500-1501)
      • 7500 Unit + 8000SL Large Soft Reusable SpO2 Sensor, 1 meter (Order SKU: 7500-1601)
      • 7500 Unit + 8000SL-3 Large Soft Reusable SpO2 Sensor, 3 meters (Order SKU: 7500-1701)


      Nonin 7500


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