Edan MFM-CNS Fetal Monitoring Central Station


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    Edan MFM-CNS Central Monitoring Station

    • Connection of up to 128 bedside fetal/maternal monitors
    • Bi-directional communication of patient ID and alarming setup
    • Time synchronization
    • Built-in Antepartum CTG analysis, as well as NICHD analysis function
    • Large capacity of storage up to 100,000 records
    • Up to 200 groups of NIBP data for each record
    • Review of events, CTG waveforms, trends and NIBP data
    • Remote monitoring from different locations via CNS Client
    • Supports for 32 people logging in at the same time
    • User authority allocation to protect patient information
    • Annotations and comments
    • Built-in partogram for labor stage management
    • Export PDF & JPG format report
    • JPG format signatures on the report
    • User-defined hospital information on the report
    • American/International printing format on A4 paper by external printer
    • Wired & wireless central monitoring system solution
    • Up to 24 hours monitoring data for each record
    • HL7 Support
    • Windows 10 compatibility

    Edan MFM-CNS Lite Central Monitoring Station

    MFM-CNS Lite is a central monitoring system, which tailed for the use for clinics and smaller hospitals. It not only meets the requirements of single monitor connection from the clinics, but also extendable connection of up to six monitors for small hospitals' use.

    • Real-time and offline data transmission to PC enables you to transmit the data anytime
    • Upgradable connection of up to 6 beds to meet clinics' demands
    • Connection via RS232 or LAN
    • Store up to 24 hours monitoring waveforms for each examination
    • Optional antepartum CTG & NICHD analysis function
    • Annotations & comments
    • Export Report in PDF & JPG format
    • Windows 10 compatibility

    Edan MFM-CNS

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