Doran DS6150 Remote Indicator Scale


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    Doran DS6150 Remote Indicator Scale

    With its versatile design, the affordably priced DS6150 offers a variety of applications. Whether your application is a physician’s office, acute care, or visiting home nurse, the DS6150 can meet your needs. The indicator can be placed on a tabletop or attached to a wall using the mounting bracket. The DS6150 scale base is constructed of heavy gauge steel ensuring a long life and the entire scale system is backed by a three year warranty. To ensure patient safety, the scale base is covered edge-to-edge with a non-skid material.

    As soon as the patient steps onto our sleekly designed, low-profile DS6150 platform, an accurate weight of up to 500 pounds will be held on the display. Doran’s exclusive Weight Lock feature ensures an accurate weight is displayed regardless of a patient’s movements. Our Reweigh functionality allows a second weight to be acquired while the patient remains on the platform.

    Standard USB and RS-232 communications ports allow the recording of a patient’s weight and BMI value by an EMR/EHR system.



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