Doran DS5100 Digital Physician’s Scale


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    Doran DS5100 Digital Physician’s Scale

    For today’s busy physicians’ offices, Doran’s DS5100 Digital Physician’s Scale provides a faster and easier way to weigh and measure patients accurately. With our Touchless Start feature, you can acquire a patient’s weight in as little as two seconds without any buttons to press. Simply have the patient step onto the large platform and an accurate weight up to 500 pounds will be held on the display. Once the patient steps off the device, the DS5100 is immediately ready for another weighment.

    The DS5100’s sturdy aluminum column houses the easy-to-use height measurement rod. Simply extend the measurement arm and pull upwards for adult heights or push down to measure a child. To calculate BMI, use the scroll buttons to enter the height, then press the BMI button and the patient’s Body Mass Index is instantly displayed in the right-hand LCD. When not in use, the BMI display conveniently functions as a clock in 24 or 12- hour format.

    The DS5100 is EMR Ready and data can be transmitted via the included USB port.



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