CooperSurgical Lone Star Reusable Retractors (Different Versions)


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    CooperSurgical Lone Star Reusable Retractors (Different Versions)


    • CooperSurgical 1103 - Retractor, Round, Aluminum, 11.6 cm, 96 g
    • CooperSurgical 1104 - Articulated Retractor, Aluminum, 32.2 cm x 18.4 cm, 236 g
    • CooperSurgical 1107 - Articulated Retractor, Square, Aluminum, 14.5 cm, 206 g
    • CooperSurgical 1110 - Articulated Retractor, Square, Aluminum, 24.3 cm, 380 g
    • CooperSurgical 2200 - Cantilevered Retractor, Stainless Steel, 27.5 cm x 18.4 cm, 795 g.
    • CooperSurgical 2201 - Cantilevered Retractor, Stainless Steel, 16.4 cm x 11.6 cm, 340 g.

    Available in both aluminum and stainless steel, the Lone Star Reusable Retractors are an alternative to the disposable, lightweight plastic retractor options. Though sizing options are limited, the reusable Lone Star Retractor is an ideal option for accounts that aren’t able to commit to a sterile-packaged product.

    CooperSurgical Lone Star Reusable Retractors

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