AngioDynamics 16801129 Profiler PTA Balloon Catheter


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    Profiler PTA Balloon Catheter 6mm x 4cm x 5F x 75cm. One (1) each.

    The low profile of the Profiler opens access to small vessels and tortuous anatomy, allowing 8 mm x 4 cm balloons to fit through 5 French sheaths, as well as 9 mm and 10 mm through a 6 French sheath; the profiler is offered in 4-10 mm in balloon size and 2 cm, 4 cm, 6 cm and 8 cm in balloon length.


    • The superior tip and balloon–bond tapering design of Profiler enable smooth insertion and atraumatic navigation
    • The Profiler family offers a second set of 8 mm x 2 cm and 8 mm x 4 cm balloons at a higher rated burst pressure through a 6 French sheath
    • The highly-tapered, soft, radiopaque tip design of Profiler enhances trackability and provides excellent visual guidance
    • Profiler features a soft, radiopaque, tapered tip and a flexible, non-kinking catheter shaft with exceptional pushability