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  • ZOLL R Series Defribillator - ZOLL R Series Defribillator
  • ZOLL R Series Defribillator - ZOLL R Series Defribillator
Price: US$7,995.00


    R Series ALS

    The worst time to find out a defibrillator isn't ready is at the code. Delays and confusion caused by multiple cables, expired or dried-out electrodes, and complicated controls are just a few of the things that can compromise code readiness. And any defibrillator that doesn't support CPR compromises your ability to resuscitate. No simple self-test will alert you to these things until it's too late. You need a Code-Ready defibrillator — a defibrillator designed to provide clinicians with comprehensive support for resuscitation.

    Now, for the first time, you have one: R Series.

    The R Series ALS offers OneStep simplicity:

    • OneStep Cable with OneStep Cable Manager
    • OneStep Resuscitation Electrodes
    • OneStep Pacing And Unprecedented CPR Support
    • CPR Dashboard featuring Real CPR Help
    • See-Thru CPR
    • Additional Tools

    SurePower Battery

    Management Software for Asset

    Management Smart Tools for Training

    Unmatched Clinical Excellence

    Comprehensive Readiness Checks Defib Dashboard

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