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ZOLL Eagle II Portable Ventilator 800-EGL2-00


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    ZOLL Eagle II Portable Ventilator

    The Eagle II portable critical care ventilator is the ideal solution for ICUs, emergency departments, and intra-hospital transport of infants (≥5 kg), pediatric patients, and adults. Weighing less than 10 lbs., it can be mounted on the wall or on a roll stand or bed. In addition to AC mode, the Eagle II offers SIMV and CPAP (NPPV/PPV) modes with pressure support.

    The Eagle II uses Smart Help technology to assure patient safety by providing real-time, on-screen prompts that guide clinicians in responding to alarms. It also incorporates Masimo SET pulse oximetry, proven clinically superior for continuous, accurate SpO2 and pulse rate readings.


    • Designed for the ICU, emergency department and intra-hospital transport
    • Supports infants ≥5kg, pediatric patients, and adults
    • 10-hour battery run-time; rapidly recharges in 2 hours
    • Smart Help display
    • MRI conditional system available

    Standard Accessories included:

    • 1qty Wall power supply with power cord brick
    • 1qty Green oxygen hose; 6ft
    • 1qty Blue adult/pediatric disposable ventilator circuit ; 6ft
    • 1qty White infant/pediatric disposable ventilator circuit ; 6ft
    • 1qty Quick reference guide attached to the device
    • 1qty Operators manual

    ZOLL Eagle II

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