Wallach Papette Cervical Cell Collector (Different Quantities)


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    Wallach Papette Cervical Cell Collector (Different Quantities)


    • Wallach 908003 10 packages per box (1,000 pieces)
    • Wallach 908004 40 packages per box (4,000 pieces)

    \Wallach’s Papette Cervical Cell Collector. High cell yield and gentle, one-step procedure simultaneously harvests ectocervical and endocervical cells. Papette can gather the full spectrum of cervical cells, including the transformation zone, in a single rotating motion. Extremely cost-efficient, it helps provide highly efficient sampling and improves test accuracy for fluid-based technology.

    For Customers Outside Latin America & The Caribbean: We are only allowed to sell Wallach Surgical products to end users in Latin America & the Caribbean.

    This is a Non Stock Product.