SunTech Disposable Cuff, Single Tube, Female Quick Connector Box 20 (Different Sizes)

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    SunTech Disposable Cuff, Single Tube, Female Quick Connector Box 20 (Different Sizes)

    SunTech Medical®’s color-coded disposable blood pressure cuffs come in a full range of sizes. These disposable cuffs were designed with a dedicated patient identification line to promote single patient use, help reduce the transmission of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI), and protect your facility’s bottom line. SunTech also offers a Cuff Standardization Program to help standardize your facility on one BP connector, simplifying ordering and reducing inventory levels. This unique approach makes SunTech Medical Disposable BP Cuffs the best choice for meeting your infection control needs with exceptional value.

    Features & Benefits

    • Patient Identification: Dedicated location for single patient identification. Minimize cross-contamination.
    • Cuff Standardization Program (CSP): Expertise in standardizing your facility on one cuff connector; one cuff, any patient, any monitor, any department.
    • Economical: Priced to support single-patient use, particularly where infection control is a concern.
    • Patient Comfort: Softer materials, tapered end and rounded edges provide a gentle cuff solution.
    • Ease of Use: Tapered end for easier cuff application. Color-coded for quick size selection. Interior & exterior range indicators ensure accurate cuff sizing and fit.
    • Durability: Value in a durable, single-piece design for multiple inflations.
    • Reliable Performance: 100% leak tested for trust, value, and reliability.
    • Regulatory: Engineered to meet AHA, AAMI-SP10, and MDD guidelines for results you can trust.
    • Latex-Free: 100% latex-free materials promotes patient safety.

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