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    CooperSurgical Milex Exploras/Endocervical Currette. Box of 25 (Different Sizes)


    • CooperSurgical MX120 Uterine Explora with Vacu-Lok Syringe 3 mm Model I
    • CooperSurgical MX124 Uterine Explora with Vacu-Lok Syringe 4 mm Model I
    • CooperSurgical MX130 Uterine Explora II with Vacu-Lok Syringe Model II
    • CooperSurgical MX111 Enocervical Curette with Vacu-Lok Syringe
    Utilizing a syringe suction technique for exceptional control and sample recovery, the cutting edge ensures optimal sample collection from all areas of the endometrial cavity. This disposable Explora Model incorporates a long nylon curette with Randall-type cutting edge, stylet and Vacu-Lok syringe that adjusts suction from approximately 15- to 20-inch Hg negative pressure (6 cc to 12 cc).

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