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    Scanlan 8008-81 Loftus 2-Level ACDF Distractor

    The Loftus 2-Level ACDF Distractor is designed to facilitate a single set-up on two level ACDF procedures. The traditional single level distractor requires the system to be re-positioned and manipulated to accommodate each level. The innovate Loftus 2-Level Distractor design overcomes the challenges associated with re-positioning traditional single level distractors.

    • Reduces operating room time - Incorporates an additional distractor arm permitting a two level set-up to reduce surgical time required for re-positioning and manipulation
    • Cost effective - Compatible with existing single level instrumentation and distraction screws
    • Universal - The shortened bar and center arm enable the distractor to be positioned from either a left or right surgical approach
    • Single Level Manipulation - Permits independent opening of each cervical space
    • Cleaning and Sterilization - Distractor arms separate easily for cleaning and sterilization
    • Quality - Manufactured from high quality stainless steel to provide years of use

    Scanlan 8008-81 Loftus Scanlan 8008-81 Loftus