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    Scanlan Aortic Punch. Box of 5 (Different Sizes)


    • Scanlan 1001-621 Aortic Punch 3.5mm (round).
    • Scanlan 1001-622 Aortic Punch 4.0 mm (round).
    • Scanlan 1001-624 Aortic Punch 4.5 mm (round).

    Precisely engineered Scissor Cut blades featured on SCANLAN single-use aorta/vein punches provide clean accurate incisions for myocardial revascularization. With large finger rings for greater control and accuracy, and tapered tips for an unobstructed view of the operating field, SCANLAN single-use aorta/vein punches are available in two lengths, Original and Ultimate, two styles round and elliptical, and nine cutting sizes. Radiopaque and latex-safe.

    • Available in two lengths
    • Unique SCISSOR-CUT double-cutting action blades
    • Finger rings for greater control and accuracy
    • Tapered tip for a full unobstructed view
    • Original punch available in nine cutting sizes
    • Ultimate punch available in nine cutting sizes
    • Unique cutting action proven in over 25 years of clinical use
    • Easily cuts through thick calcified tissue
    • One per sterile package, 5 packages per box
    • Radiopaque