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    Persys Medical NIO-SIMulation

    The NIO-SIM-Adult offers an unmatched IO simulation experience. Its reduced length trocar and cannula allows users to not only learn, but to experience locating and deploying an IO device on other users and simulation manikins.

    Additionally, the NIO-SIM-A features an optional adhesive strip which adheres to the access site, facilitating accurate placement, while the base’s foam pad ensures that the simulation experience is both comfortable and safe.

    The NIO-SIM-Pediatric features a reduced length trocar and cannula, and is functional on all pediatric simulation manikins. The device features unique location arrows which aid in landmarking, while an adhesive strip adheres to the surface of the manikin, facilitating accurate placement.

    • Allows users to harmlessly simulate IO deployment on one another
    • Reduced length trocar and cannula ensures safety
    • Functions damage-free on all simulation manikins
    • Most realistic IO simulation available
    • Facilitates accurate placement
    • Multiple uses per device
    • Cost-effective

    NIOSIM Spec Sheet

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