Medcomp XTP116MTE Duo Flow Catheter 11.5FR x 15 cm (6") Box of 10

Price: US$580.00

    Duo-Flow Catheters XTP 11.5 FR x 15 cm (6"). The set includes: One (1) Catheter, Two (2) Injection Caps, One (1) Vessel Dilator,  (1) Adhesive Wound Dressing. Box of five (5) Sets.

    Features and benefits:

    • Thermosensitive polyurethane material softens after insertion for increased patient safety.
    • Raulerson IJ Catheter has a unique pre-formed curve that overcomes patient discomfort and significantly decreases the risk for infections, compared with straight catheters.
    • Coaxial catheter design allows for improved flow rates and outcomes, when compared with standard double ā€œDā€ dual lumen catheters.
    • MRI compatible.