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    The Acclarix AX4 ultrasound system is a high fidelity, high channel count, compact, premium imaging platform featuring:

    • 64 physical channels for exceptional system performance
    • 15' HD Monitor with hard glass that swivels and angles for optimal viewing
    • Extended battery operation making it ideal for use in any care environment
    • Full-sealed, easy to clean control panel to aid in infection control
    • Dual gesture driven touch screens for easy and efficient operation
    • An integrated 500GB hard drive and 4 USB ports to archive images 

    The standard system configuration includes:

    • Tissue Adaptive Imaging - Harmonic imaging 
    • Spatial compound imaging
    • eSRI (Speckle reduction imaging)
    • Color Doppler/Power Doppler/Directional Power Doppler Imaging
    • Pulsed Wave Doppler

    Please review our literature to view accessories available for the AX4

    EDAN Acclarix AX4 Compact Ultrasound System Brochure
    Edan Acclarix AX4 Compact Ultrasound System Video

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