EDAN M3A Vital Signs Monitor

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    EDAN M3A Vital Signs Monitor

    Provides essential measurements for SpO2, NIBP, pulse rate, and patient temperature. It offers a high cost-performance ratio to provide care teams across the hospital with most of the information they need on the patient side.

    • Portable and lightweight

    • LED numeric display with a high resolution color 3.5" TFT screen 

    • Flexible configurations to meet different clinical needs

    • Auto/Manual/Continuous/Average BP mode

    • Pitch tone

    • Real-time measurements display

    • Trend table and trend graphs

    • Extremely long working-time on battery only

    • Barcode scanner support (optional)

    • Nurse call function

    • LAN/Wi-Fi connections (optional)

    • Bi-directional communication with the MFM-CMS central station (optional)

    • Data management via PatientCare Viewer software (optional)

    All Versions Includes:

    • Cuff.E9 NIBP Cuff, Adult, 27 cm-35 cm with EDAN logo
    • NIBP.T.3m Reusable NIBP Tube for reusable cuffs, 3m
    • SH1.Lemo Edan Adult Hard-Shell SpO2 Finger Sensor (Lemo), 2.5m, Reusable
    • 01.21.064142 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for Edan Monitors (14.8V, 2500 mAh)
    • 01.13.036106 Power Cord (USA Standard)
    • 11.13.114214 Ground Cable


    • Edan Configuration/M3A_NS + NIBP+ SpO2 
    • Edan Configuration/M3A_NSTQ + NIBP+ SpO2+ Cov Oral Temperature with Cov.Probe F3000 Thermometer Cover Qty. 20
    • Edan Configuration/M3A_NST.T +NIBP+SpO2+ Infrared Ear Temperature with 11.57.208058 Infrared Ear Temperature Probe Cover, 200

    M3A_NST.T is a NON-Stock Product: Delivery time will be 15 - 35 business days after order has been placed.

    Edan M3 A Edan M3A Vital Signs Monitor Video
    Edan M3A Vital Signs Monitor Manual