CooperSurgical Milex Tis-U-Trap Stainless. Box of 10 (Different Sizes)

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    CooperSurgical Milex Tis-U-Trap Stainless. Box of 10 (Different Sizes)


    • CooperSurgical MX422 Tis-U-Trap 2mm Stainless Steel
    • CooperSurgical MX423 Tis-U-Trap 3mm Stainless Steel

    Designed to work with a suction source such as a pump or wall suction unit, the Tis-U-Trap is latex free.
    Endometrial tissue is collected directly into the collection chamber, eliminating the need to transfer the tissue sample into another container. The unique design of the collection chamber facilitates sample size determination. The smaller sizes are especially useful in early detection of endometrial carcinoma or its precursors and endometrial dating.
    Each set includes: Cannula curette Flat or cone filter Sealing caps Funnel and reclosable polybag Features and benefits: Comes in a variety of styles: semirigid, flexible, and rigid, and sizes from 3 mm to 12 mm, to meet your clinical preference and patient needs Facilitates sample handling. One-time use. Disposable Sterile.

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