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    CooperSurgical Milex Cannula Curette Straight Long. Box of 10 (Different Sizes)


    • CooperSurgical MX558 Cannula Curette Long Straight 8mm
    • CooperSurgical MX559 Cannula Curette Long Straight 9mm
    • CooperSurgical MX560 Cannula Curette Long Straight 10mm
    • CooperSurgical MX561 Cannula Curette Long Straight 11mm
    • CooperSurgical MX562 Cannula Curette Long Straight 12mm

    A sterile disposable latex-free device consisting of a Karman-type suction curette for use with the 60-cc Handyvak Locking Syringe. The Cannula Curette provides a quiet, portable device for obtaining a histologic sample from the endometrium on an outpatient basis, usually without anesthesia. The smaller sizes are especially useful in the early detection of endometrial carcinoma or its precursors.

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