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    CooperSurgical Medscand Cytobrush Plus Cell Collector-Classic (Different Quantities)


    • CooperSurgical Medscand C0004 Cytobrush Plus Cell Collector-Classic 10 Bags, 10 Brushes each (100/Box)
    • CooperSurgical Medscand C0005 Cytobrush Plus Cell Collector-Classic 25 Bags, 100 Brushes each (2,500/Box)
    • CooperSurgical Medscand C0012 Cytobrush Plus Sterile, 1 Brush per Pouch (40/Box)

    The Classic Cytobrush Plus Cell Collector for endocervical sampling is excellent for nulliparous, menopausal, and women that have had a conization procedure. The gentle brush collects large amounts of cells that are easily transferred to slides for analysis. Cytobrush Plus GT The Cytobrush Plus GT with the gentle touch tip provides all the benefits of the Classic Brush and a protective bulb designed to minimize trauma to the canal, thus yielding a high-quality tissue sample with minimal contamination. Available in both the Classic and Gentle Touch tip designs. Benefits: Available in the Classic Cytobrush Plus and Cytobrush Plus GT configurations Gentle-touch tip Collection of large samples, easily transferable to slides.

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