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    CooperSurgical RUMI Tips, Box of 5 (Different Colors)


    • CooperSurgical UMY514 Yellow 5.1mm x 3.75cm
    • CooperSurgical UML516 Lavender 5.1mm x 6cm
    • CooperSurgical UMW676 White 6.7mm x 6cm
    • CooperSurgical UMB678 Blue 6.7mm x 8cm
    • CooperSurgical UMG670 Green 6.7mm x 10cm
    • CooperSurgical UM0672 Orange 6.7mm x 12cm

    The Right Size and Less Trauma The RUMI System is ideal for any laparoscopic or robotic pelvic surgery in a broad range of patient anatomy. Available in six sizes, the RUMI Tips have a soft, flexible distal tip, which reduces the risk of uterine perforation and trauma. The strength and flexibility of the RUMI Tips allows the intrauterine balloon to be inflated with saline, providing unmatched durability even during caudal traction. The comprehensive array of sizes ensures optimal patient fit.

    CooperSurgical RUMI II

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