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    CooperSurgical Koh Colpotomizer Cups Ultem Non-Sterile. Box of 2 (Different Sizes)


    • CooperSurgical KCP-30-2 3cm
    • CooperSurgical KCP-35-2 3.5cm
    • CooperSurgical KCP-40-2 4cm

    The KOH Cup vaginal fornices delineator, highlights anatomical landmarks for improved procedure planning. The cup design provides a convenient backstop for the circumferential colpotomy that optimizes vaginal length and minimizes overdissection. Used in combination with the RUMI Uterine Manipulator, the KOH Cup delivers enhanced traction capabilities, enabling greater access and vizualization of critical anatomic structures. When used with the Colpo-Pneumo Occluder, pneumoperitoneum is maintained once the colpotomy incision is performed, resulting in a safe, controlled closure. Ultem cups are the best selection when using electrocautery for dissection. Also available in stainless steel when a harmonic modality is employed. Recommended for use in electrosurgical procedures