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    BBraun Impact Balloon Dilatation Catheter (Different Sizes)

    Impact Large Diameter Balloon Dialatation Catheter for peripheral transluminal angioplasty and esophageal dilatation. Balloon Diameter (mm) 12, Balloon Length (cm) 4, Shaft Usable Length (cm) 75, Recommended Introducer Size (F) 8, Shaft Size (F) 6, Rated Burst Pressure (ATM) 10, Nominal Pressure (ATM) 6.

    • Rapid deflation rate mini - mizes procedure time and maximizes reperfusion.
    • Wide range of sizes from 12mm through 25mm in diameter to expand your options.
    • short, flexible distal tip aids maneuverability through tortuous anatomy.
    • High Rated Burst pressures to expand treatment options.
    • Coaxial shaft design contributes to columnar strength for optimal push - ability and track ability through tortuous pathways.