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    BBraun ASEPT Pleural and Peritoneal Drainage System (Different Sizes)

    • Catheter Procedure Kit - The ASEPT Drainage System is a complete insertion kit for pleural or peritoneal catheter implantation. The primary component of the ASEPT Drainage System is the catheter, which has a self-sealing valve attached to the proximal end that prevents leakage and provides a secure, needle free luer lock connection. The ASEPT valve is connected to the drainage line on the ASEPT Evacuated Drainage Bottle or Bag to initiate drainage. The ASEPT Drainage Line sets are also available as stand-alone items to allow drainage to compatible drainage collection units. 
    • Drainage Procedure Kit - The primary components of the ASEPT Drainage Kit are the evacuated bottle or drainage bag and the Procedure Pack with all the necessary dressing change items. The evacuated bottle is available in either a 600mL or 1,000mL configuration. The drainage bag is available in a 2,000mL configuration. The ASEPT Drainage Kit provides patients with a convenient and compassionate way to perform drainage at home or in any outpatient setting.


    • 622289 ASEPT Pleural Drainage System (Includes ASEPT Pleural Drainage Catheter and Insertion Kit) - Case Qty. 1
    • 622284 ASEPT Peritoneal Drainage System (Includes ASEPT Peritoneal Drainage Catheter and Insertion Kit) - Case Qty. 1
    • 622287 ASEPT 600mL Drainage Kit (Includes ASEPT 600mL Evacuated Bottle with Drainage Line and Procedure Pack) - Case Qty. 10
    • 622279 ASEPT 1,000mL Drainage Kit (Includes ASEPT 1,000mL Evacuated Bottle with Drainage Line and Procedure Pack) - Case Qty. 10
    • 622280 ASEPT 2,000mL Drainage Bag with Drainage Line - Case Qty. 10
    • 622281 ASEPT 2,000mL Drainage Bag Kit (Includes ASEPT 2,000mL Drainage Bag with Drainage Line and Procedure Pack) - Case Qty. 10
    • 622288 ASEPT Replacement Valve - Case Qty. 5
    • 622286 ASEPT Drainage Line Set (Includes Drainage Line with Protective Cap, Spin-Lock Luer Connector, 5-in-1 Adapter, and Pinch Clamp) - Case Qty. 10
    • ASEPT 2,000 mL Drainage Bag Only - Case Qty. 10

    Catheter Procedure Kit Contents:

    • One - ASEPT Drainage Catheter
    • One - CSR Wrap

    Drainage Procedure Procedure Pack Contents:

    • One - Blue Emergency Slide Clamp
    • Three - Alcohol Pads
    • One - Foam Catheter Pad
    • Six - 4˝ x 4˝ Gauze Pads
    • Four - Gloves
    • One - 6˝ x 8˝ Tegaderm Self-Adhesive Dressing

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