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A&E Medical Aortical Surgical Punch. Box of 6 (Different Measures) aortic, punch, a&e, medical, cut, clean, round, syringe,entry
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A & E Medical Corporation Item #: Aortic Punch -

    A&E Medical Aortic Surgical Punch (Different Measures) (Box of 6) Measures: A&E 080-271 2.7mm Surgical PunchA&E 080-351 3.5mm Surgical PunchA&E 080-401 4.0mm Surgical PunchA&E 080-451 4.5mm Surgical PunchA&E 080-481 4.8mm Surgical PunchA&E 080-501 5.0mm Surgical Punch Surgical Punch Designed to Cut a Clean and Round Hole Hollow cutting tip with 10 degree undercut moves tissue away from inside edge of hole during cut to provide a clean and round hole. Dual cutting action of the surgical punch...