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    A&E Medical 022-001 M-22 Style, Robicsek Tapered Loop Electrode

    Robicsek atrial pacing electrode designed with six millimeter diameter bare tapered wire loop. A securing suture is placed snug but not tight around neck of electrode. Loop will compress through suture upon removal.

    M-22 Product Benefits
    • Stable Fixation
      The loop electrode, when utilized as described below, provides sufficient fixation to the atrial wall to prevent dislodgement by the inadvertent application of moderate force.
    • Atraumatic Removal
      The loop electrode compresses through the suture during percutaneous removal reducing the possibility of tearing the thin atrial wall.
    • Snap Off Keith Needle
      Sharp Keith needle is easily broken off at groove in shaft thereby eliminating the need to cut the needle with wire cutters.

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