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    CooperSurgical ES9000 Endosee Advance Direct Visualization System

    Special offer!
    With the purchase of one (1) Endosee Advance ES9000 and two (2) of these four (4) instruments

    • ES-BPSY Biopsy Forceps
    • ES-LNGR Spoon Forceps, Long Serrated
    • ES-FBGR Foreign Body Grasper, Fenestrated
    • ES-SCIS Ureter Slitting Scissors, Single Action

    Receive one (1) Box of ESPX5 Endoe PX Cannulas free of charge. 

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    Introducing the Endosee Advance System!

    The Endosee Advance System is an all-in-one, direct visualization system for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. 

    Advance patient care and your practice

    • Instant endometrial imaging guided by direct visualization
    • Efficient workflow with in-office exams that better prepare for and reduce OR visits
    • Low-cost investment that is coded and reimbursed as hysteroscopy

    Features to help elevate your in-office procedures:

    • Your exam is guided by clear color visualization
    • Reusable display module
    • Sterile, single-use cannula designed for ease of insertion
    • Channel for fluid infusion
    • Still image or video capture of every exam
    • See the picture you just took
    • Transfer exam data to your computer via USB cable

    Versions Available:

    • Endosee Advance Direct Visualization System ES9000 (UNIT ONLY) (includes Display Module, Docking Station, Power Supply (IEC Plug Type A), USB Cable)                                                    
    • Endosee Unit ES9000 with ESPX5 Endosee PX Cannula (disposable, single-use, sterile cannula with endometrial suction pipet curette, box of 5)
    • Endosee Unit ES9000 with ESPX5 Endosee PX Cannula with ES-BPSY Biopsy Forceps 
    • Endosee Unit ES9000 with ESPX5 Endosee PX Cannula with ES-LNGR Spoon Forceps, Long Serrated
    • Endosee Unit ES9000 with ESPX5 Endosee PX Cannula with ES-FBGR Foreign Body Grasper, Fenestrated
    • Endosee Unit ES9000 with ESPX5 Endosee PX Cannula with ES-SCIS Ureter Slitting Scissors, Single Action.
    • Endosee Unit ES9000 with ESPX5 Endosee PX Cannula, ES-BPSY Biopsy Forceps , ES-LNGR Spoon Forceps Long Serrated, ES-FBGR Foreign Body Grasper Fenestrated, ES-SCIS Ureter Slitting Scissors Single Action.