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Scanlan 8008-81 Loftus 2-Level ACDF Distractor scanlan, 8008-81, loftus, 2-level, ACDF, distractor
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    Scanlan 8008-81 Loftus 2-Level ACDF DistractorThe Loftus 2-Level ACDF Distractor is designed to facilitate a single set-up on two level ACDF procedures. The traditional single level distractor requires the system to be re-positioned and manipulated to accommodate each level. The innovate Loftus 2-Level Distractor design overcomes the challenges associated with re-positioning traditional single level distractors.Reduces operating room time - Incorporates an additional distractor arm permitting...

    Scanlan Puskas Premier Scissors Jacobson Micro Scissors, IMA Glide, 45 Angled Up scanlan, puskas, premier, scissors, jacobson, micro, scissors
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      Scanlan Puskas Premier Scissors Jacobson Micro Scissors, IMA Glide, 45° Angled UpThese scissors feature unique angles designed to easily access the IMA; they also feature the IMA Glide (patent pending) to protect the IMA from injury while incising the endothoracic fascia when skeletonizing the IMA Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 7007-506 SCANLAN Puskas LIMA Premier Jacobson Micro Scissors, flat handle, IMA Glide 45° angled up, left 90° angled fine...