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SSCOR is a manufacturer of medical devices designed to aid the healthcare professional in clearing the patient airway.

SSCOR  Portabe Suction

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SSCOR S-SCORT lll Portable Suction Unit sscor, sscort, portable aspirator, suction unit, ems suction unit
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    S-SCORT® lll Portable Suction UnitRugged, Reliable, and EconomicalThe S-SCORT III was first introduced in July of 1991 and has proven itself to be a durable, reliable, and economical EMS suction device. While the S-SCORT III has evolved and improved it maintains all of the characteristics that make it the standard in many EMS agencies.The S-SCORT III is well suited for today's EMS environment! It provides all of the power and versatility necessary to quickly and effectively clear an airway,...

    SSCOR S-SCORT VX-2 Portable Suction sscor aspirator, sscort vx2, portable sscor unit
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      The SSCOR VX-2 is a lightweight, portable, powerful and "firefighter" tough, battery powered suction unit. The VX-2 is powerful enough to meet state, national and international standards for portable suction equipment (>30 lpm airflow and >525mmHg negative pressure), and versatile enough to provide essential medical suction inside and outside the vehicle.The SSCOR VX-2 features an advanced battery maintenance system.  The 3 LED, 5 position battery indicator alerts the user when the...