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Quantum EMS' team has over 35 years experience in providing healthcare solutions and medical devices to the EMS market; giving their customers access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in pre-hospital, trauma, emergency and critical care.


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Quantum 6217D Scoop Aluminum Stretcher
Price: US$642.00
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Quantum Item #: Quantum 6217D -

    Quantum Scoop Stretcher, Aluminum, Yellow Orthopaedic stretcher with break-apart scissor action at either/both ends. Features: *Ergonomic design allows for ideal immobilisation during patient transfer. *Recessed head section *X-ray translucent *Complete with 3 ‘seatbelt buckle’ style patient straps with loop ends.

    Quantum Q-120 Swiftlite EMS Transeat Stair Chair/ Up and Down/350
    Price: US$1,900.00
    Availability: In Stock Product
    Quantum Item #: Quantum Q-120 -

      The Swiftlite Q-120 safely descends and ascends stairs without carrying or heavy lifting. Features: - Lightweight, quick & easy to use - Telescopic extendable handle - Ascending and descending capability (no power required) - Adjustable brake - Compact storage The Quantum Stair Chair is guaranteed for five years against defective metal workmanship.

      Quantum Q-CAS Casevac
      Price: US$289.00
      Availability: In Stock Product
      Quantum Item #: Quantum Q-CAS -

        The Casualty Shield provides protection from glass and airborne fragments generated by cutting tools during emergency rescue and extrication. *Teardrop shaped for use in confined spaces *Shatterproof *Grab handles *Slim design for easy storage *Lightweight

        Quantum Q-VAC/M Vacuum Stretcher Mattress 75x100cm
        Price: US$449.00
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        Quantum Item #: Quantum Q-VAC/M -

          The Quantum vacuum mattress is a medical device used for the mobilization of patients, especially in the case of vertebra, pelvis or limb trauma. The mattress consists of a sealed polymer bag (larger than the human body) that encloses small polystyrene balls. When the mattress is under pressure, the balls are free and mould themselves around the patient, air is then pumped out through the valve and the valve closed. The atmospheric pressure presses the balls together and the mattress becomes...