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CooperSurgical Filshie Clip (Different Quantities)  CooperSurgial AVM-851J Filshie Clip
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CooperSurgical Item #: CooperSurgical Filshie Clip -

    CooperSurgical Filshie Clip (Different Quantities) Quantities:CooperSurgical AVM-851J - Box of Filshie Clips (10 Pairs/Box)CooperSurgical AVM-851 - Box of Filshie Clips (20 Pairs/Box):The CooperSurgical Filshie Clip. Simple and reliable, the Filshie Clip is a safe and effective method of surgical contraception, with the highest success rate among all current forms of permanent sterilization. Safe and effective with minimal tubal damage No risk of bowel burn associated with other methods Low...